Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform
Established in 2009 by Golden Apricot Fund for Cinema Development (GAFCD) and Anadolu Kultur (Turkey), the Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform (ATCP) was intended to facilitate co-production between Armenia and Turkey. It served as a working platform for film professionals from both countries. ATCP was dedicated to transnational and multilateral cultural cooperation, professional training, and knowledge exchange.
From the inception of ATCP till 2019, the platform had a full-fledged network with more than 250 participants from both countries, and it brought to life over 20 documentary and short film projects, facilitated more than 200 inter-state exchange visits, and produced and distributed the first Armenian-Turkish cinema Almanac. Films from ATCP have been screened in different international film festivals and cultural centres, attracting broad audiences from around the world.

CineThink Trainings

was a year-round project aimed to develop the local film industry via trainings, workshops, pitchings, and film showcases. CineThink Trainings was a collaboration between GAIFF and the “Think” training program. Designed as a ten-session course, the workshop hosted ten first or second-time directors and screenwriters working on feature-length film projects. The workshop aimed to help these filmmakers hone their public speaking skills and refine their ability to present ideas and projects. At the end of the workshop, participants were given a chance to use their gained experience and knowledge to pitch their film projects to local investors and financiers.
CineThink also contained various trainings held by international and local film professionals relating to project development, packaging, and the application process. Through these trainings, filmmakers gained essential skills necessary to present their projects in Armenia and abroad. Following these trainings, trainees had the opportunity to pitch film projects to international investors, distributors, festival programmers, etc. prior to or during GAIFF.
In addition to providing trainings for up-and-coming filmmakers, CineThink aims to promote contemporary Armenian cinema and provide film literacy in regions of the country. Within the frames of the project, independent films will be taken to various regions accompanied by master classes and discussions by film representatives.

Youth Cinewave
Youth CineWave was a public platform, launched by young filmmakers of Armenia, designed for emerging talents who work on short films. The main purpose of the program was to arrange master classes, idea, and project development workshops, and provide an opportunity for young Armenian filmmakers to cultivate a professional network. Through these workshops, young filmmakers gained essential skills for pitching and presenting ideas, as well as attaining the necessary funding to share their stories.
In Focus
While maintaining the fundamental objectives of GAIFF - encouragement of networking and cultural exchange across borders, and preservation of the cultural diversity of the region - the festival added a new section to its activities for the year of 2019. In Focus brought a specific topic/region/idea/concept to the spotlight, opening a new discourse on its cinematic establishment and further prospects of development.
In Focus 2019 covered Poland. In cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the program organised various events to bring Polish culture closer. In addition to panel discussions, talks and training, the program included screenings of contemporary and classic films.
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